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Navigating New California Proposition 19: Its Dramatic Property Tax Increase on Inherited Property and Added Benefits to Portability For Those 55 and Older

  • 2021年11月29日
  • devinlucas


California Proposition 19 is a massive property tax hike on the next generation of property owners. It wipes out the current 58号提案 and Proposition 193 family transfer benefits, 有效的2月16日, 2021. This is potentially the largest property tax increase in California history… but it will only impact the next generations; this is a new death tax and inheritance tax on real property owners’ heirs.

Eviction Notice crossed out to signal do not evict

End of the California Eviction Moratorium – Quick Guide

  • 2021年11月10日,
  • devinlucas

The following is an extremely brief update on the current status of California 房东房客 laws give the expiration of the statewide moratorium as prepared by the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.).

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Intra 家庭 Sale and/or Gifting of Real Estate in California (Propositions 13, 58, 193, 60 and 90 and new Proposition 19)

  • 2020年10月21日
  • devinlucas

澳门皇冠视讯电玩 – Attorney 德文·卢卡斯 and CPA Courtney Lucas – are experts in California intra family transfers using all aspects of Propositions 13, 58, 193 60 and 90 and new Proposition 19. Learn more about how 澳门皇冠视讯电玩 may help by clicking here. WARNING — CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 19 HAS UPENDED THIS ENTIRE … 继续阅读

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How to Write a Real Estate Mediation Brief

  • 2020年5月22日,
  • devinlucas

Preparing for a real estate mediation can be stressful, but a well prepared concise brief will not only help the mediator to understand your case, it will also help you to organize your thoughts and positions.  Here, we discuss what makes a good mediation brief and some suggestions for the same.   BACKGROUND  Real estate disputes … 继续阅读


房地产取消航班, Deposit Disputes and “Force Majeure” Claims Re Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Video Edition!

  • 2020年5月1日
  • devinlucas

加盟房地产律师, Real Estate Mediator and 房地产经纪人, 德文·卢卡斯, 讨论房地产取消, Deposit Disputes and “Force Majeure” Claims Surrounding Coronavirus. 又名不可抗力, 民法1511, 神的旨意, 预料不到的情况, 不可能的性能, 商业沮丧, 沮丧的目的, and other creative phrasing of the same argument. 我们讨论:1)…… 继续阅读


房地产取消航班 Surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • 2020年3月24日
  • devinlucas

Can you legally cancel your real estate transaction, 或者房地产上市, 冠状病毒(COVID-19)?  What options does a buyer have to cancel, what about the seller, what about the 房地产经纪人®?  Read our below article for a preliminary discussion; watch this video where Mr. Lucas explains in detail: No doubt, real estate transactions are being … 继续阅读